The Drive to do better and achieve a goal

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We all have been given the equal opportunity by the almighty to achieve our dreams. The brilliant author Deepak Chopra has said in a recent article in the Times of India…..”People should heal their body and achieve a state of euphoria – by becoming emotionally free of resentment, anger, fear, guilt, and depression”.

What is the purpose of your life?

 I think the best answer is we must create the freedom to achieve our goals.

1.Spend Maximum Time for your Goal

For me creating maximum time for myself to write blogs is the freedom to achieve because I am happiest when I write and create value for my viewers.when my viewers read my articles and I see visitors on my blogs This helps me improve and write better.

2. Enjoy your work and make it joyful

When our work creates joy for us, it shows we are relishing every moment of it and these moments are the most defining for us in our quest for happiness. Hence concentrate on what creates maximum joy for you and you will feel exultant, liberated, and free whilst being able to give total value to your profession.

We need to know about the contribution we want to make to society so ask your self this question. I asked my friend regarding what he wanted to do in his life and he went through several mood changes until eventually a dream formed in his mind –The dream to be a freelancer. That’s what he is today. He is a good freelancer now he achieved his goal as he was committed to his job with the freedom of his choice.

To feel passionate about your life and living a quality life, you need to have people to share it with you who give you happiness – Your friends, family members. I am very choosy about my friends because friends are either as a beacon of awareness or like the tunnel of darkness- They can either illuminate your strengths to make you sparkle or pull you into the confines of darkness, from which you can never emerge. Good friends are the inspiration you need to inspire yourself to reach the dizzy heights of success-whilst making your team an integral part of this success.

3. Find your strengths and utilize it

The next question we need to know about ourselves is what are my strengths and am I utilizing them to my full potential? Think deeply about this,—- Are you pursuing your dream or someone else’s dream?  In this part of this article, I would like to share something that we face practically in our life.

Sometimes we are engaged in the job in which we are not interested but we cannot leave it as it pays our bills and other expenses. So don’t worry I want to guide you on that. Don’t leave anything as some time as we think it didn’t work So I advise you to follow your passion side by side.

Like, try to give 1 hr daily to the work you love to do and you are passionate about. On weekends give more time. If that works really good for you, have faith in God you will achieve it. I am telling this on my personal experiences.

4.Share your ambitions and Goals

Are you the person who believes in sharing your ambitions with others or not? If you discuss your plans and show enthusiasm with well-meaning people you never know who would help you out. Successful people are those who keep moving in the mainstream with a go-getter approach to life. Their high energy level always shows and they always approach others positively because they realize that their best chance lies in numbers. When more and more people understand their needs they will be more than willing to assist them. You never know that the person you are talking to maybe someone occupying a high position in life and by your approaching him very positively you are escalating your chances of being recognized by others who are more than willing to give you that important opportunity you need in your life.

5.Choose the right Mentor

Then again reposing our trust in the right mentor is very important. The person who is most respected in our profession due to walking his talk is the best mentor for us. If such a person takes us under his wings, we should feel honored. We are always interdependent on our superior and even colleagues, therefore, choose the right mentor who knows more than you and feel the joy of learning the correct way. your mentor can be a person in your society or in the workplace or a person who is in both. The mentor is someone who is interested in your betterment and always advising, guiding, and coaching you till you learn all the ropes and conduct yourself with confidence and panache. Since your mentor Is normally a person who takes great pride in your achievement, it is a win-win situation for both of you-Your team benefits, you benefit and so does your mentor.

6.Build Great Relationships for peaceful life

Since relationship building is the strongest pillar to your happiness you need to look into these relationships deeply. Study the qualities that you best express in a relationship and see where you can improve further.

It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant. I have found that true love is a meaningful relationship between people and friendship is an essential part of the relationship. This clearly indicates that friendship is an integral part of love.

Today if you are suffering due to any situation that is of your own making, remember that sinking into sadness or desperation is not the answer. Taking the support of your loved ones is the solution. if you have the love of your family in times of unimaginable stress you will still emerge victorious since love is the strongest emotion and your love and caring for your loved ones and their love for you can break all barriers of strife, financial stress or even ill-health. Their love for you will give you the power to face any adversity.

At work you need to be well focused in your relationship with your staff and be emotionally intelligent to their sentiments to garner a healthy relationship and progress at shine at the workplace when you relate well with your team members. feel genuine concern for them when they need your help. Go out of your way to provide support and you will find you have become a very valuable and dependable person.

7. People remember the bad thing first

Why is it so important to be nice to people at all times? why is conveying the right impressions to our customers is so vital? It’s very important because people remember the bad things about you first, not the good things.

Let me explain A colleague of mine didn’t offer his chair to a lady colleague during the lunch hour however sat down to have his lunch. Whenever he met the lady after that incident he was very polite and courteous to her.

A few days later there was a general discussion going on during the lunch hour where people were discussing their colleagues. The same lady spoke about my colleague that Normally he is a good person but you know that day he never offered me a chair in the lunch hour. I couldn’t imagine that he would be so inconsiderate.

This shows that we need to continually do the right thing since people tend to always remember the negative interactions they have had with us first – not the positive.

 This is the golden rule that we need to understand human behaviour where we need to be emotionally intelligent. Since it is human nature to first remember the negative interactions of people we really need to be positive in our interactions with people at all times. This may sound difficult, however, we can do so through conditioning ourselves to be polite to people, wish them with a warm smile, be chivalrous and give respect to all our colleagues.

8. How can I be happy? (Practice Enthusiasm)

People who practice enthusiasm are a boon to society. Not only do they energize themselves, but they also energize others. 

           The best part about doing a job enthusiastically is that the moment you start injecting enthusiasm into something you actually start enjoying doing that work if you dislike doing it. Isn’t this reason enough to galvanize you into becoming more enthusiastic about everything that is important in your life which you need to do?

Thankyou for reading my article.God bless you.