Have aspirations for your children

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We thrive on our love for our children and the love they give us. A happy family is one where the children become responsible. happy and successful in their chosen careers

Let them decide

The first thing to realize when our children reach class ten is that now they need some career counseling. The personal interest that an apparent takes in his children is crucial for building a solid foundation for his child.

I give you a real example of one of my known. As first, they wanted their daughter to become an air hostess since she has the looks as well as experienced in the service industry, however, she told her father that I am more interested in banking. I wouldn’t enjoy being an air hostess. Her one indication was enough for his understanding father. Fortunately having studied in the best school in Noida, where she had upgraded her communication skills she was extremely confident and all it took was a little advice from his father and mother, she was ready for the challenge. Currently, she is working with an MNC bank and giving her job her all. She has been given a responsible position in the priority banking wing of this MNC bank and today we all look at her with pride.

In these days of stiff competition, she has shown that she can apply their knowledge and make the right decision in life. She is consciously aware of their responsibilities and the fact that she has taken the ownership to excel in whatever she does.

Make them independent

I was reading Richard Branson’s book. It describes very lucidly how his mother wanted her son to become fiercely independent

 When he was four years old his mother would make him get down from the care when they were 2-3 miles distance from their house. The young Richard would walk back home and this made him independent at a young age. There was a time when his mother gave him a sandwich and an apple in the morning and made him cycle fifty kilometers away to visit some relatives. Richard spent the night with the relatives and cycled back the next morning.

Yet another time Richard was in a hot air balloon competition and his balloon was heading towards the Atlas mountains. Within a few moments, he would have crashed. Thought of death flashed through his mind and the thoughts that he would be leaving his family behind, with half his life still ahead of hi that he decided to fight for his life like he had been fighting his entire battles single-handedly. Summoning all his courage he expertly avoided the crash which would have meant certain death. His childhood training and the fact that he just had to come out of his crisis alive motivated him to save himself from disaster. He had done it yet again his fighting spirit had enabled him to brave the storm. We too need to fiercely independent and courageously meet the challenges ahead of us.

Reading good books

There is nothing more effective than reading good books to enhance one’s knowledge. I have driven home this point to my girls and they understood that this is the best option they had to have an edge over other students. Both of them have been encouraged to keep their collection of books and this has given them both the awareness of the power of books.

They would love the examples.I would quote about well-read people who had made their mark in life and became internally driven to improve themselves.

The other day I met a very high ranking official in the government. He had been very unfortunate as a youngster because his parents could not afford to send him to a good school. In fact, he was not even inclined towards his studies hence stayed a very average student all his life.

However, he had a very positive outlook in life and was prepared to work hard. He hence started cultivating his mind and read several books on leadership and self-development at a young age. Due to this reason he got the urge to excel because he realized he was not exploiting his potential. He decided to sit for his IAS exams and scored very well. Due to this need to become someone worthwhile in life. Today he is heading a high profile department in the government, speaks very eloquently at any social function because of his knowledge, and is very well respected in society. He owes his success in life to his acquiring the urge to read more and better himself. His books have been the medium that has really motivated him to make his mark and set high standards for himself.

Encouraging them to grow

Kids’ aspirations may seem far-fetched but go on the journey with them. Children’s aspirations should be encouraged, heard, and valued as children with high aspirations show greater motivation and go on to have more positive life outcomes, including educational attainment and earnings in adulthood. So having aspirations at all is as important as them being realistic.

Remember: it’s never too late to get started. Adolescence is a major developmental task where children really start to consider and deliberately shape their identities; which, thankfully, continue to evolve as we get older.

It is as important to open up the eyes of a 5-year-old to the world as it is a 15-year-old. Adolescence is where self-limiting beliefs can creep in but this is where you, as parents, through conversation and opportunity can help to keep these beliefs at bay. Show your child the curiosities and opportunities that exist and can be sought out in the world.

When it comes to kids’ aspirations of what they want to be, parents play a huge role. What you and other family members do or want to do will influence your kids. From a young age, the professions they start to aspire to are often the ones they see in their immediate environment, so showing them other ideas will broaden their sphere. Similarly, if they could be influenced by negatives in their environment, help them see life beyond this by explicitly sharing your belief in them and showing them different examples.