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Why Karan Luthra the Rising Blogger started this blog called Motivation Door in the time of covid-19 & Lock-down

  1. World need hope in the Pandemic Situation.
  2. Motivation gives every one the hope that every thing will get good soon.
  3. Motivation gives the hope to fight with mental stress.

Why Motivation Door

I am Karan Luthra. First, I am going to tell you about myself. My residence is at Chandigarh. I am currently engaged in the family business and I have an IT background. I have started this motivational blog to motivate or to spread hope to everyone with the success stories and vision of people who achieved success in their life. if I tell you about myself I am from a family where everyone is engaged in business and I have done BCA from Panjab university. I wanted to go to the IT field but somehow due to some situation, I couldn’t be able to go to this field. I have a passion for creating websites and promoting them to the web. In the lockdown I got the opportunity as I had a lot of time I tried to go for my passion and got relief internally. My motive is to write this about myself is everyone wants to achieve something in their life but due to some circumstances, they are not able to what they want. I must recommend you all to have a strong will and hope. if you have a strong will and hope definitely you will get everything you wished for. just don’t lose hope. As its also important in life to handle responsibilities so I must advise you not to lose the current source of earning. Follow your passion side by side with hope in heart.

So i start the blog name Karan Luthra the Rising Blogger , hope full all are agree with my thoughts.

I request you to please share my blogs to every one in your knows , your one share can help a person to built his/her will hope.

Lets help each other in this Pandemic Situation.